Unboxing the Audio-Technica WS55 Headphones

Unboxing time!

Unboxed: The Audio-Technica WS55 Headphones

The Audio-Technica WS55, known for delivering solid bass without compromising too much on the midrange or treble clarity, is now available here in the Philippines. We currently have a review (loaner unit) which was sent to us by Audio-Technica Philippines. We’ll try to have the full review out in a week but for now we’d like to share our unboxing and initial impressions.


The ATH-WS55, much like other Audio-Technica headphones, comes in a carton box with transparent plastic that showcases the design of the ear cups. The unit we got had a glossy red outer face and a black padded headband. It definitely was a looker even from the outside of the box. You got to hand it to Audio-Technica for always striking a balance between style and function with their products!

ATH-WS55 Box
ATH-WS55 packaging

Unboxing is pretty easy. Just remove the tape from the top and pull out the internal compartment. You’ll find the cans as well as the manuals inside. Sadly there’s no carrying pouch included (which I think you should be a staple already in ALL headphone packages).

Time to unbox!

Hardware and Sound Quality Initial Impressions

The major feature of the WS55 is the Double Air Chamber technology that Audio-Technica developed to enhance bass. I can’t explain it myself since it’s very technical but apparently they constructed the ear cups in a specific way so that the “air flow” will drive better and stronger bass response. The proof though is in the pudding and after using it for a few days now let me be the one to tell you that this is definitely a bassy pair of cans!

ATH-WS55 unboxed!

As you can see from the photo above and below the actual ear cups are actually a bit thick. This is probably the Double Air Chamber system that Audio-Technica was talking about. The ear pads are made from comfortably cushioned faux leather.

Side view of the ear cups

The headband is padded as well to make sure that it’s comfortable to wear.

Beautifully made headphones!

So what about sound quality? Based on our initial use it’s definitely leaning on the bass side. However not to the point wherein you sacrifice the quality of the midrange and the treble (which is the main problem with Beats headphones, hehe). We’ll spend a few more days with these cans and burn ’em in so we get a better idea of the sound signature and report back when we do the full review.

Pricing and Availability

The ATH-WS55 is reasonably priced at Php3,799. You can get them already in stores carrying Audio-Technica products. Click here for the list of branches

PS: Our good friend and fellow blogger JAM already wrote a review on the ATH-WS55. Read it here.

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