Unboxing the BlackBerry PlayBook

Unboxing the BlackBerry PlayBook

We finally have with us a BlackBerry PlayBook! We got to play around with this during the sneak peek tour a few months ago. Now we can spend a lot of time with it so we can come out with a quality review. This is very timely since the BlackBerry PlayBook is set for launch this coming August 6. In fact Globe is already taking pre-orders for it bundled with BlackBerry smartphones. We’ll try to have a review up before the 6th but for now we’ll be sharing with everyone our unboxing photos as well as some of our initial impressions. Hopefully RIM’s professional grade tablet will be a good alternative to Apple’s highly successful iPad 2.

Simple, elegant, and classy packaging
Comes with a black neoprene sleeve

Removing the initial cover and opening the box is pretty simple. The first thing you see when you open it is the BlackBerry PlayBook. Included in the box is a soft black neoprene sleeve that you can use to protect your PlayBook from low height drops and minor bumps. Other than sleeve, you’ll also find the manual, charger, and USB connector.

Turning on the PlayBook

In terms of the build the PlayBook is noticeably smaller compared to the iPad 2. The back’s matte finish is soft and rubbery but it’s very easy to hold and cool to the touch. The display, just like any other tablet, is a smudge magnet. When you turn it on you’ll instantly notice that the screen is crisp, bright, and clear. There’s no bleeding whatsoever in any corner. Two thumbs up for this one! 🙂

BlackBerry PlayBook's back

We haven’t had too much time with it yet but we were able to play around with some of the apps like the native Facebook app, browser, photos, videos, and some games (Tetris and Need for Speed). Sadly if you don’t have a BlackBerry Smartphone you won’t be able to access the Calendar, Messenger, Contacts, Tasks and e-mail. However if you have one you can easily connect it to the tablet using the BlackBerry Bridge (download it from BlackBerry World on your phone).

If you have a BlackBerry phone to go with your PlayBook... awesome. If not? Not so much.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is set to launch this August 6 here in the Philippines. Like what we said above, we’ll try to post a comprehensive review before that.

PlayBook coming on August 6 to the Philippines!

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