Unboxing the Divoom Iris-05 Speakers

Divoom Iris-05 Laptop Speakers

Unboxing the Divoom Iris-05 Laptop Speakers

For the longest time all the laptop speaker brands have been very techie-oriented like Edifier or Altec Lansing. The nicer looking ones always had a price tag above Php4,000. Divoom has done a spectacular job of making laptop speakers cool and affordable for everyone. One of their products, the Divoom Iris-05 Laptop Speakers, is a perfect example of marrying good audio specs with hip design. All that for just Php1,350.

The packaging of the Divoom Iris-05 is very simple. Just open the top, drag the brown box out, and you’ll find the speakers in it together with the various cables and user manual. Check out the product photos below as well as some of our initial impressions.

Comes in 5 colors: Red, Blue, Pink, White, and Black. My personal favorite is Red. πŸ˜€
Really stylish, elegant, and simple design. Looks good on your desk.

The controls are found on the left side of one of the speakers. You have the power button there as well as the volume controls.

The buttons light up too! Cool. xD

Setting it up consists of plugging the speakers together with a cable and then plugging it to your PC via USB as well as the audio jack. The USB plug is annoying but it does help a lot with the sound quality because the speakers draw power from the laptop and not just some battery in it.

Wires πŸ™

For a Php1,350 laptop speaker the Divoom Iris-05 delivers pretty good sound quality. This will definitely trump the speakers you buy at sub Php1,000. The bass is solid and full while the mids are also clear. It’s not Hi-Fi but it’s definitely worth the Php1,350 price tag. Again my only problem with it are the wires but that’s something you can take care of with a few twisties. πŸ™‚

If you’re looking for stylish, affordable, and decent-sounding laptop/desktop speakers, put the Divoom Iris-05 in your list.

Click here to visit the product site. You might also want to go to the Divoom Philippines Facebook Page. They do giveaways and promos every now and then. You might get lucky and win something there. πŸ˜€

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