Unboxing the FiiO E17 Alpen Amp/DAC

The FiiO E17 Alpen Unboxed!

Unboxing: FiiO E17 Alpen USB DAC / Headphone Amplifier

The FiiO E17 Alpen is probably one of the best devices FiiO has ever shipped. It has a check mark on almost all the things you’d want from a portable audio accessory. It looks amazing with the brushed black metal design, delivers incredible sound due to the DAC/headphone amplifier, a two-color digital display, and it also has a variety of ports. It also comes with a nice black carrying pouch! We’ll do a full review soon but for now we’re going to share the unboxing.

Packaging and Accessories

Packaging of the FiiO E17 Alpen

The FiiO E17 comes in a white carton box with red accents. Product information is displayed at the back and you have a great product shot printed at the front.

What's inside? Let's take a peek!

Inside the box you’ll find a black carrying pouch. The FiiO E17 is inside (covered with plastic). If you open up the right and bottom compartments you’ll find the cables and connectors.

The black carrying pouch

Meet the FiiO E17 Alpen

FiiO E17 Alpen out of the box!
The FiiO E17 is very compact and light. Having owned several FiiO products in the past I can’t help but marvel at how FiiO has evolved into creating more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing products. Anyway, the E17 has several buttons at the front. It has the volume control beside the two-color display and the on-off/menu exit button just below it. At the lower right you’ll find the buttons for bringing up the Menu, changing Input, and Hold.

Here are a few more shots from different angles. Don’t forget to read the captions!

View from the top side angle
What the back looks like
At the bottom: USB connection, FiiO 18-pin port, and 3.55mm headphone output
At the top: S/PDIF Input and 3.55mm headphone output

The E17 Alpen is definitely a major improvement for product design and features for FiiO. By the way you can manipulate Audio Balance (Treble, Bass, etc.) using the digital display which makes it easier for you to manipulate the sound to suit your taste.

Full Review Coming Soon

The FiiO E17 retails for Php6,000. From what I’ve heard from FiiO Philippines the first batch is already here in the Philippines but they only have limited stocks. Stores that received their orders though are: The Listening Room, Go Gadgets Electronic Boutique, Egghead Audiohub, E-novation, and Cutting Edge (PCHub) Gilmore.

Our full review should be out next week.

So far two thumbs up! Can't wait to spend more time with this!

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