Unboxing the Helms iTooth2 Bluetooth Headset

iTooth2 Bluetooth Headset Unboxed

Unboxed: Helms iTooth2 Bluetooth Headset

The Helms iTooth2 is pretty much everything you’d ever want for a bluetooth headset that can play your music and take your calls. It has an embedded microphone for hands-free conversation and it also has an on-ear remote button which you can use to control the music player on your smartphone. It’s also very comfortable since it has an adjustable headband and foam ear pad (box comes with extras).

Check out our unboxing below!

Packaging and Hardware Design

The iTooth2 comes in a hard carton box printed with the product details, photo, and a weird looking bird (lol). Unboxing is pretty straightforward. Just remove the tape at the top of the lid and open. Pull out the inner compartment and you’ll find the headset there along with the charger, extra ear foams, and manual.

The box has everything you know printed on it. Here's a photo of the back of the box.
Different angle

The headset itself is simple and elegantly designed. It’s made from sturdy material, colored black, and has control buttons on the outer face of the ear cups. It’s also foldable just in case you need to quickly store it in your bag when you’re on-the-go. Here are a few photos of the headset:

Headset folded for better portability and mobility
The headset unfolded

Pricing and Availability

We were sent this demo unit by the guys behind MiLi and Divoom. As of this writing we haven’t confirmed yet if there’s an official SRP already or if it’s actually available already in stores. We will update this post as soon as we get word. :)

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