Unboxing the HiFiMan HE-4 Orthodynamic Headphones

The HiFiMan HE-4 Unboxed!

HiFiMan HE-4 Orthodynamic Headphones Unboxed

Headfonics founder Marcus did a fire sale on some of his premium headphones and audio accessories. Due to the good price we ended up buying his HiFiMan HE-4 Orthodynamic headphones. Everything from the box to the cables and actual cans scream class, power, and elegance. This is definitely a top of the line headphone that’s on a different level compared to the sub Php10,000 ones we’ve reviewed in the past. Check out our unboxing photos below.


The HiFiMan HE-4 comes in a big black box with the HiFiMan logo emblazoned at the top in gold. To open just flip the lock.

It comes in a big black box.

When you open the box you’ll find everything covered in white foam. There’s this sense of anticipation and suspense as you quickly grab and tear it away.

What’s beneath the white foam? See for yourself below.


What’s in the box?

The HiFiMan HE-4 in the flesh!
The HiFiMan HE-4 is definitely made from premium materials. The headphones themselves are made from a mix of polished piano black metal and hard plastic. To those wondering why the ear cups are huge that’s because the drivers (the tech that powers your sound) are equally big. They’re also using one magnet per driver which enhances the sound quality and clarity. I’ll explain this more during the full review.

Black Leather Headband
For the headband HiFiMan used black leather material with some sort of cushion inside. This makes it more comfortable compared to your usual leather headbands. For the ear cup retractors they also used some sort of metal hinge. It’s a bit hard to use though. You’ll need to put in effort to pull it down or push it back up.

The cables are also top of the line!
The HE-4 cables have molded connectors. You’ll have to gently screw them in the connecting port of each ear cup. The cables also have soft nylon sleeving making it look much better compared to the usual flimsy cables.

Here’s a photo of the cable connected to the actual cans:


Inside the box you’ll also get one spare ear pad as well as connectors.

I’m a bit puzzled though why they just included one extra ear pad. Why not put one more so that it’s a pair? O_o;

Initial Impressions

For our initial impressions I have nothing but three letters: W-O-W. Wow because I’ve never heard my favorite songs sound this amazing on it! Clarity, deep bass, rich mids, and pristine highs! For me this is the total package. Wow also because the HE-4 requires so much power for it to work properly, lol! Don’t think for a second you can just plug this in your iPod and you’ll reach aural Nirvana. You need a really good amp for it to work. Right now I’m using the FiiO E11 but it’s barely giving it enough juice. I’ll be in the market for a better amp so I can get the most from this!

Full Review Coming Soon

I’m not sure if there’s a local distributor for HiFiMan. The HiFiMan HE-4 sells for $450 USD or roughly around Php19,800. We won’t say how much we got this from Marcus but it was definitely a great deal!

Full review coming soon! We’ll put this through the paces first. 🙂

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