Unboxing the Jays t-JAYS Four

Jays t-JAYS Four

Jays t-JAYS Four Unboxed!

Jays Philippines sent us a review loaner unit of their newest flagship in-ear headphones, the t-JAYS Four. This is arguably one of their best products ever shipped. It’s delivers outstanding sound quality and it’s made from superb materials. It also packs a lot of cool features and accessories that makes it truly a complete package worthy of your hard-earned moneys. We’ll save that for the review though. For now we’d like to share with you guys our unboxing and initial impressions. Don’t forget to read the captions!

Packaging and Initial Impressions

Unboxing the t-JAYS Four is similar to all other Jays products. It comes in a cylindrical black box. You remove the sticker at the back and push the button using a small object like a pen cap. That will unlock the inner compartment. Push from the bottom and it will slide upwards.

t-JAYS Four unboxed!

You really have to give it up to Jays for their product packaging and presentation! 🙂

This inner compartment is actually covered by the manual when you first pull it out (not in the photo). Beneath the manual is what you see in the picture. There are the silicone extra tips in different sizes at the top followed by the actual earphones and a hard carrying case at the bottom. In short you’ve got everything you need in the box! Let’s go through some more photos.

Extra silicone tips! Find the right size for you so you can get the best sound quality.
t-JAYS Four in the flesh! Note the different design. You can actually wear this in two ways. We'll cover that in the review.
Here's the in-line remote control and microphone. FYI it works on both Android and iPhone. It's optimized for the iPhone though. The only button that works if you're using Android is the middle one, lol.
The really nice hard carrying case for the t-JAYS Four.

Over-all I’m pretty impressed with the t-JAYS Four. I’ll spend more time with this in the next week so that I burn them in and get a better feel for the sound signature. Will do a full review after.

FYI this is not yet available for retail but you can already order via the JAYS Philippines website. SRP is Php6,699.

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