Unboxing the Joy Zip Touch-n-Go Multi-Charging Station

Joy Zip Multi-Charging Station in action!

Joy Zip Touch-n-Go Multi-Charging Station

If you hate cables and you have multiple mobile devices that need charging then you might want to check out the Joy Zip Touch-n-Go Multi-Charging Station. Not only is this the slickest looking multi-charger you’ll ever find but it’s also the most flexible and functional. The conductive technology used also makes for faster charging because of the lesser loss of energy. It’s definitely a product that will catch the attention of techies!


Joy Zip Touch-n-Go Multi-Charger Box
Joy Zip Touch-n-Go Multi-Charger Box

The Joy Zip Touch-n-Go Multi-Charging Station comes in a simple white printed carton box. To open just remove the tape at the top and pull out the inner compartment. Inside you’ll find a bunch of stuff. The Touch-n-Go Multi-Charging Station is composed of two major components. The first is what we like to call the “charging tray”. It’s basically a black thin panel with circular patterns at the surface.

The charging tray still in plastic and in the inner compartment

The next are the Ziptails. These are magnetic cables that attach to the circles on the charging tray. They have different ports like micro-USB, mini-USB, and Apple proprietary pin port.

Ziptail invasion!

So how does this work? Simple. Plug the A/C adapter to the wall socket and connect to the charging tray. Then connect the matching Ziptail to your mobile gadget. After that just place the end of the Ziptail to the circular patterns on the charging tray (magnetic) and let the charging commence! The package here in the Philippines comes with the following free Ziptails: micro-USB, mini-USB, and the Apple proprietary PIN connector. You can buy additional since there are quite a number of docks that you can attach Ziptails to.

Charging... charging... charging... and charging!

I’m personally happy with this product. Less clutter on the table and near the socket, it looks amazing, technology used is fascinating and efficient, and it makes for a great conversation piece. Two thumbs up for this one! Only drawback really is the price.

Pricing and Availability

The Joy Zip Touch-n-Go Multi-Charging Station retails for Php4,500 in branches of Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box. It comes free with three Ziptails (mini, micro, and Apple) but like what we said earlier you can buy more. Ziptails are being sold for Php600.

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