Unboxing the Lenovo Ideaphone A60 (Php4,999)

Nice packaging! Lenovo’s leveling up! Hehe.

Unboxed: Lenovo IdeaPhone A60+

Lenovo Mobile Philippines just sent us a review unit of their newest entry-level model, the A60+. The first thing that struck me about this device was the price! According to the press release bundled with the unit, the Lenovo A60+ will retail for just Php4,999. That’s a really competitive price and I’m sure a lot of students and young professionals will be taking this as their first smartphone especially since this unit is also dual-sim, dual standby! Here’s a quick rundown of the specifications:

Lenovo A60+ Spec Sheet

  • 1GHz MediaTek MT6575 Processor
  • 256MB RAM, 512MB ROM
  • 144MB Internal Memory, Expandable up to 32GB via microSD
  • 3.5-inch screen, 480×320 Resolution
  • Dual SIM, Dual Standby
  • Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
  • 2-megapixel rear-facing camera
  • WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, HSPA
  • Built-in FM Radio with recording functions
  • 1500 mAh battery

The only thing sticking out like a sore thumb there is the OS. We don’t think this will hit Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich though because of the 256MB RAM. However we’re talking about a Php4,999 smartphone here. At this price the specs listed above isn’t that bad of a deal!

Unboxing time!

Note: I’m not entirely sure if Lenovo Mobile Philippines is sticking to the “Ideaphone” brand but that’s what’s printed on the box. Maybe we’ll see different packaging for other units if they decide to drop that brand.

The A60+ comes in a white carton printed box. It’s probably the cleanest box from Lenovo yet (the previous ones were really colorful, lol). Inside you’ll find a black plastic tray which contains the actual phone and the accessories. Prominently placed at the top is the A60+ which is covered in plastic.

micro-USB to USB cable, earphones, and wall charger
Lenovo A60+ officially unboxed!

In terms of design, the Lenovo A60+ is a more classy and refined Lenovo A65. The chrome bezel has been replaced by a purely black one making it look more premium and sleek. The on-screen physical buttons from the A65 have also been replaced with capacitive ones just below the screen. If you think about it the only advantage the A65 had over this is the 3.2-megapixel shooter (the A60+ packs a 2-megapixel one).

Again one of the major selling points of Lenovo handsets is the dual-sim, dual standby feature. That’s still present in the A60+. Just like the A65, the back plate is removable. When you open the back you’ll find the dual-SIM tray, micro-SD slot, and the battery. The first sim card is 3G capable but the second slot will only work up to 2G.

Initial Impressions on the Software

A60+ turned on

The A60+ runs on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. This is probably the most advanced version of Gingerbread but it’s not as fluid and smooth as Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. There will be times that the phone will lag, especially if you have a lot of widgets on-screen and you’re running a live wallpaper. You shouldn’t encounter too many problems though if you’re using one app at a time.

On a more positive note, the dual-sim, dual standby feature seems to work as advertised. Lenovo has really perfected this already since they’ve been incorporating it to almost all of their Android handsets.

Full Review Coming Soon

As far as first impressions go, the A60+ is a good first step into the smartphone world, especially with that killer Php4,999 price tag! If you’re a smartphone veteran already, the A60+ makes for a good back-up.

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  1. Was wondering how the wifi connectivity is on this phone? heard it has some problems with sending/receiving data

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