Unboxing the Noontec Zoro Headphones

Noontec Zoro Headphones now in the Philippines

Unboxing: Noontec Zoro Headphones

Noontec Philippines sent us a loaner review unit of their new Zoro Headphones. I’ve been seeing this on display in a few stores since last week but I’ve held off from buying because I wasn’t sure of the brand yet and I couldn’t find any reviews posted online. It’s a good thing though that we have the review units with us so we can give a comprehensive and solid review. Anyway, we just got this yesterday and we’d like to kick things off by sharing the unboxing as well as our initial impressions!

As usual don’t forget to read the captions in the photos!

Packaging, Unboxing, and Build

For a relatively new brand in the headphone space Noontec sure does know how to make good boxes for their products! The headphones come in a big white box. You can actually flip the front side over like you would with game boxes.
Flipping the box open reveals more information about the cans as well as a sneak peek to the actual product. FYI they come in either white, black, or red.
Let's see what's inside the box! You get the headphone, a black pouch, and the detachable cable. Yes this thing looks a lot like the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, lol. Noontec obviously took inspiration from Beats when they worked on this.
Again here's what inside: cable, headphone, and pouch.
Let's take a closer look at the headphone. As you can see from the pic above it's collapsable so you can easily store it in the pouch and bring it with you. The Noontec logo is displayed prominently on the outer face of the cups. The entire headband is made from a combination of hard plastic and metal and it has a glossy finish to it (read: finger smudge magnet). The interior of the headband is lined with soft faux leather to make it comfortable for your head.
At the top of the headband you'll find the Noontec logo. By the way this is a really light headphone (which is a good thing).

Review coming soon

We’ll be burning this headphone in next week so that we can get at least 50-60 hours on it before we write the review. For now though we can say that it looks stylish, has a fairly balanced sound signature, and is actually comfortable to wear. The only drawback so far is the branding since Noontec isn’t established yet in “Audio Land”.

Noontec Zoro Headphones sell for Php3,200. Currently available in Switch, iStudio, and iGig (Promenade, Greenhills). They’re finalizing negotiations so that Power Mac Center will carry the product as well.

Full review coming soon!

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