Unboxing the Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Keyboard for Mac!

Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Mac Version)

The Razer BlackWidow is actually a dated model already so some of you are probably wondering why we’re featuring it on Unbox. We were doing some window shopping in Greenhills earlier when we saw the BlackWidow on display at Digital Walker. I walked past it but I ended up going back because of the Mac compatibility banner plastered at the front of the box. I ended up forking Php3,999 for it since the original BlackWidow was my keyboard of choice when I was still using PC laptops.

Wait… Php3,999 for a keyboard? What’s so special about this keyboard? Two things. First, the Razer BlackWidow appeals a lot to gamers because of the brand, look, responsiveness, and the macros. You can pre-program commands on the additional keys in the keyboard.

Secondly, for a blogger like me, it’s really the tactile build of the keys which makes it much more satisfying to type (and faster too). I said “satisfying” because it makes a lot of noise when you type on it. It has some sort of psychological effect on you that you’re more productive, haha! Anyway, I’ll discuss that more during the review. For now let’s get on with the unboxing!

Razer sure knows how to package their goods!

Razer BlackWidow for Mac in the flesh… or in the plastic? Er… you get the idea.
When it comes to the boxes of their products, Razer pretty much nailed it. Glossy black carton with product information and photos plastered all over it. They cut out a portion of the box though so you can try out the keys of the BlackWidow so you can get a feel of what a mechanical keyboard is.

To unbox, just remove the tape on the right side of the box and flip the flaps open. Pull out the inner container which holds the product and you’ll find the BlackWidow covered with transparent hard plastic. First words that came to my mind when I saw it? “Ooohhhh… shiny.” Lol.

Getting the keyboard out of the box is a bit complicated. First take off the plastic cover. Next push down on the separated black frame carton at the box and then pull it out. This gives you leverage to pull out the entire keyboard. Other than the BlackWidow you should find a paper envelope which holds the manuals, certificate, and the Razer logo sticker.

Customized for the Mac

Like what we said earlier, this new model is designed specifically for Mac OS. They replaced the Windows-only keys with the Mac commands and functions like volume control, eject, and Command. For the aesthetic aspect, the Razer logo finally glows on this model when you plug it in and download the drivers (the PC version works but has none of the frills).

Familiar Mac OS keys!

Razer Synapse, Cloud-based Configurator and Manager for Razer Devices

To make full use of the features of the Razer BlackWidow, we downloaded Razer Synapse 2.0 for Mac on the Razer website. This is basically an app which lets you configure and optimize the BlackWidow. Here are screenshots of what the menus look like:

Pricing and Availability

The Razer BlackWidow for Mac sells for Php3,999. It’s already available locally via various Razer distributors but not all of them have this model on stock yet. If you want a shop that has stocks you can go to Digital Walker in Greenhills (3rd Floor, Vmall).

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