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Unboxing the Sony PS3 Super Slim

Sony PS3 Super Slim

PS3 Super Slim Unboxed!

The Sony PS3 Super-Slim is the third iteration of the six-year-old PS3 gaming console. According to Sony, the Super-Slim should be 25% smaller and 20% smaller. It’s also priced very aggressively. The 500GB unit sells for Php12,250 while the 250GB unit goes for Php11,650 (FYI: you get additional Php600 off for any of the two models if you pay in cash). Unfortunately there are really no additional features save for the form factor. It’s probably a good buy for gamers who want to get into the PS3 ecosystem but for those who already have the PS3 Slim, you might want to skip this. I have a strong feeling though that Sony will have good sales this holiday season with this unit but mostly due to the pricing and not really the new hardware design.

Read on for our unboxing!


PS3 Super Slim Box! Btw, check out Tiffy our cute cat eating at the back of the box, hehe.

The Sony PS3 Super-Slim comes in a big carton box printed with product photos and technical specifications. Opening is very straightforward: remove the tape, pull the lower flap at the top, and pop the other flap upwards. You’ll immediately find the PS3 controller, USB to micro-USB cable (for charging of the controller), Component A/V cable, Power Adapter, and a bunch of manuals.

A/V Component Cable, PS3 Controller, and the Power Adapter

The unit itself is covered with some sort of foam and cushioned by carton for added protection while it’s being transported in the box.

Super-slim out of the box!

Not really that “super”-slim

I don’t know why they call it “Super-Slim” since it’s still rather bulky given how other technology companies use the word “slim” to describe their gadgets, hehe. Compared to the earlier models of the PS3 though it does look smaller though. What’s noticeably different is how the casing was designed and the materials used for it. The PS3 Super-Slim has a ribbed top compared to the smooth matte finish of the previous generation units. When you press the open/eject button, one half of the ribbed section at the top will slide to the left giving you access to the Blu-ray drive. Funky.

Is it really that slim?

You’ll find the standard features in the PS3 Super-Slim: USB 2.0 ports, power on/off, ethernet port, HDMI, optical, and AV multi-out connectors. For our set-up at home we had an HDMI connecting the PS3 to the TV and the optical cable to our Sound Bar.

Don’t mind the wires, hehe.

Great value for money?

I think the best selling point for the PS3 is what you can do with it other than gaming. The 500GB storage will let you load your favorite music or movies in it making it a media hub that’s connected to your home entertainment system. It’s also a great Blu-ray player which is great if you have big HD TVs. We can also confirm that it plays 3D movies as well (if you have a 3D TV). Priced at just Php11,650, the Sony PS3 Super-Slim offers a lot of value and definitely deserves a place in your living room. We’d recommend you get one especially if you don’t won a PS3 model yet (older generations).

The Sony PS3 Super-Slim is now available in Data Blitz branches. Make sure you call to check for stocks though as I heard units are selling quite fast.

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