Unboxing the TDK ST-800 Headphones

Huge packaging for the TDK ST-800

We were able to get a demo unit of the TDK ST-800 headphones. Unboxing for this particular product is a fun experience! These cans come in a nicely designed, retro-like, huge box. This will definitely grab attention if it’s on display and you put it side-by-side with other headphones in the same price category. I was actually able to audition this a few months ago when I was in Astro Vision in Podium. They delivered great sound quality especially if you use the in-line equalizer. Anyway, we’ll do a full review later this week. For now here are a few photos and our initial impressions.

Lift up the upper box and tadaaaa~~ TDK ST-800 Headphones

To unbox just lift up the upper box and you’ll reveal the headphones and the in-line EQ. Just pop down the lower section of the packaging to fully reveal the cans. The lower section has a compartment for the manuals. Behind the packaging you’ll find the wires and the batteries that power the EQ.

In-line EQ at the center
Batteries for the EQ

In terms of build, the TDK ST-800 is solid and like what we said above, a bit retro. It’s comfortable to wear and the ear cups do a great job of noise isolation letting you focus on your music and not the outside world (lol). Note though that it’s not foldable but it does come with a black pouch that you can store it when you’re mobile.

The SQ is much better if you turn on the EQ. Just pop-in the batteries in the ear cups and turn the in-line device on. It takes a while to boot (a few seconds). You’ll be able to manipulate the bass and the treble once it’s on. There’s also a volume boost which makes it act like some sort of amp.

Batteries! Medyo hassle. Hehe.
Volume control on the ear cups

If you use the EQ you can control the volume by turning the TDK logo on your ear cups. Make sure to turn this down though before you turn on the EQ so that you don’t accidentally burn your eardrums if it’s on max volume.

EQ in action!

Full review and more details coming later this week. Thanks again to the distributors of TDK Philippines for lending us this demo unit.

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