Urbanears Medis Review

Urbanears Medis Review

Urbanears Medis Review

With the Urbanears Medis, style and comfort come first. Everything from the packaging, to the earbuds, down to the cloth-like cable shows that this was made to appeal to a younger audience. In fact, you’ll probably raise an eyebrow as soon as you get the earphones out of your box because they look so… funky. You’ll also get a bit puzzled how to put them on (that’s what happened to me, lol). Read on for our review.

Make sure it fits

When we said that style and comfort come first, we meant it literally. That’s because if you don’t put this on correctly, it will sound horrible. The Medis is a cross of an earbud and an on-ear headphone. Instead of your usual pointed in-ear design, the Medis has a circular earpiece that sits on the outer part of your ear. The actual speakers curve inwards and if worn properly should be a snug fit. There’s also a rubber “clip” at the top of the earpiece which latches on to the upper part of your ear, locking in the Medis.

The box comes with four extra clips in different sizes. Make sure you try them out and get the one that gives you the best fit.

Nice, durable, cloth-covered cables

One thing I loved about the Medis is the material they used for the cable cover. They used some sort of braided cloth which resembles shoe laces. This makes it more durable and gives it more character. The only downside is that they tangle quite easily.

The Medis has an in-line microphone with an answer/end call button, making it ideal for smartphone users. Sadly there’s no volume control on the remote so you’ll have to whip out your player for that.

Sound quality is okay, can definitely do better

Now we get to the most important part of this review. How’s the sound quality? After several days of testing we’ve identified good and bad things about the Medis. Here’s a quick rundown of our observations. Our source for this test was a Samsung Galaxy S3. No amplifiers.

Good Things

  • Easy to drive. Volume gets loud without having to max it.
  • Audio doesn’t distort at high volume levels.
  • Bass isn’t overwhelming. Just okay for my personal taste (I’m not a basshead though so keep that in mind)

Not-so-good Things

  • Mids are flat and recessed.
  • Highs are lacking.

Because of the mids and highs, the sound signature doesn’t necessarily shine one any specific genre. That’s probably why we can only go as far as saying that over-all sound quality is just okay.


The Medis is comfortable and stylish to wear with average sound quality. If you just want earphones to put on everyday while you’re on-the-go and you’re not much of an audiophile then you might want to consider the Urbanears Medis. It retails for Php2,450 and it’s available in Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box.

If you want to try it out first you may want to visit the Urbanears Concept Store in Podium. They have demo units that you can play around with. Give them a listen and if you like ’em then go buy ’em.

PS: If you’re considering getting this for stationary use (office or at home), just plop down an additional Php300 and get the Brainwavz HM3 Headphones. They’re phenomenal cans and I would be remiss not to recommend them since it’s just a few hundred pesos away. The Brainwavz are also being sold in Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box.

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