Urbanears Opens Shop at the Podium

Urbanears shop at the Podium Mall in Ortigas

Urbanears opens store in Podium Mall

Urbanears, a lifestyle audio company from Sweden, entered the Philippine market a few years ago via Digits Trading. As one of the first fashion earphone/headphone brands in the country they were able to carve out a chunk of the market and gain a following. While we don’t have exact numbers to back this claim up, the biggest proof to their success locally is that they actually set up a local concept store at the Podium mall. Yes, it’s a dedicated shop that just sells Urbanears products.

Urbanears Bagis
The store itself is very minimalist in theme. It’s almost an all-white store with no posters or flyers. The only thing in it other than the cashier and the sales clerk are all the Urbanears products neatly displayed in racks. At the center they have product samples on a white desk that people can test out. The available models being sold when we dropped by yesterday were the Bagis, Tanto, Platan, and Medis. The high-end Zinken wasn’t there yet. Here at Unbox we’ve only reviewed the Urbanears Bagis, click here if you want to read the review.

If ever you’re in Podium make sure you drop by and check out the earphones and headphones. Trying them out is free so just hook any one of the demo units up to your smartphone or iPod and see for yourself if they’re worth your hard earned cash.

Inside the store

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