US adds Xiaomi to Military Blacklist

UPDATE: Xiaomi issued a statement on the said ban. 

(Original article) Heads up if you live in the US and plan to invest on Chinese companies like Xiaomi: Reuters recently reported that the Trump administration added nine Chinese companies–which include Xiaomi and plane manufacturer Comac–to its list of blacklisted firms.

Unlike with the trade ban on Huawei, Xiaomi’s addition to the military blacklist means that companies will be subject to a US investment ban, where American investors should divest all of their holdings on the blacklisted firms by November 11, 2021. To clarify further, Android Authority adds that that military blacklist is related more to the Chinese Military.

How will this affect Xiaomi? While it will not cause harm to its supply chain nor precent US companies to sell equipment and materials to them, the military blacklist will case a blow to its stock prices. We will have to wait and see how it will affect Xiaomi in the long term.

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