Viral Fridays: The “Sgnl”, A Smart Strap That Allows You To Make Phone Calls With Your Fingertip

Welcome to Unbox’s “Viral Fridays” where we feature weirder than usual tech and geek related news to cap out the week. Today, we’re doing a two-part special on fun gadgets and gizmos being launched through the wacky crowdfunding world of Kickstarter.


Wanna look like you’re cleaning your ear while you’re talking to somebody remotely via your smartphone? Then, the Sgnl smart strap is the product you’ve been looking for!

The Sgnl is the very first smart strap ever to allow its users to make phone calls with their fingertips. You might be asking right now: “Why?” Because they can! Because people will buy novelty for novelty’s sake! Such is life?

To be honest, we at Unbox would probably buy that “smart candle” first before getting this unusual “smart strap”. The Sgnl is a cool gadget, though, when you consider the science behind its magic.

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Let’s head over to the product’s Kickstarter spiel to get you to part your hard-earned dough for their funky project. Note that their Kickstarter project has been a crazy success, banking more than $1.2M out of a $50K goal. The developers are also a Samsung spin-off company, like the guys behind the WELT smart belt.

Sgnl is the smart strap that enables you to answer phone calls through your fingertip. Simply place your fingertip to your ear while speak through the embedded microphone. Replace your existing watch strap with Sgnl and you’re done, whether you wear a classic watch or an Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, or Pebble Time.

There’s no one who never lost their earphone in their lifetime. With Sgnl, you can keep your cell phone alone in your pocket and simply raise your hand to answer a phone call without carrying any extra headset or earphone. When you place your finger to your ear, your finger not only transmits the sound but it also blocks out background noise. So you can hear very clear voice in a loud places without worrying about other people listening in.

Okay, but we’re still not sold on the Sgnl. As an aside, here’s what’s going to happen when you have two Sgnl smart straps on your wrists and you start calling two people:


The Sgnl is expected to be mass produced this December 2016, with a brick-and-mortar roll-out by February 2017.

Source: Kickstarter


  1. Samsung is behind all this? Better use eveready batteries than samsung batteries. You don’t want to lose an ear, do you? Hehehehe….

  2. “The project comes from Innomdle Lab, a startup that’s been spun out of Samsung.” – According to the Kickstarter page

    Hopefully, they’re not using battery cells from those Samsung SDI guys

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