Vivo Is First To Have An Under-display Fingerprint Scanner

The tech allows manufacturers to integrate fingerprint scanners under displays

Vivo has managed to beat many of its rivals in showing off a fingerprint scanner embedded under a display panel. While Xiaomi managed a somewhat similar feat in its Mi 5s, Vivo gets first dibs on the tech made possible by Qualcomm. The ultrasonic tech allows it to be embedded into OLED displays up to 1.2mm thick, and works just dandy even when the display is immersed in water.

The tech can also be embedded under glass and aluminum, with penetration values of up to 800um for former and up to 650um for the latter.

The new technology opens up a number of possible design avenues for Vivo and Qualcomm’s other hardware partners. Since there’s no longer a need for a physical fingerprint scanner, manufacturers can now reduce the bottom bezel on the front of most smartphones, reducing the overall size of devices and bumping up screen to body ratios.

There’s no solid timeline yet on when exactly phones with this kind of tech will roll out, though we wouldn’t be surprised if Vivo announces a phone with this new breed of fingerprint scanner (along with Qualcomm’s new processors) come the holiday season.

John Nieves

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