vivo is the Top Selling Smartphone Brand in the Philippines

Samsung is still the top-selling brand in Southeast Asia

Pandemic aside, people have been spending a lot on gadgets that will aid them in their work/study-from-home needs. Smartphones are among those popular gadgets, and vivo held the top spot for the Philippine market according to Canalys’ Q2 2020 report. Aside from leading with a 21% unit share, vivo also experienced an 18% YoY growth compared to the same period last year. While Samsung, OPPO, and Huawei experienced negative growth compared to their performance at the same period last year, Realme experienced a massive 254% growth, which helped in maintaining its 18% market share for Q2 2020.

On the Southeast Asia market, both vivo and Realme experienced growths in comparison to their performance from the same period last year. However, Samsung remains on top in the SEA market with a 21% unit share—and that’s despite the -26% growth in comparison to its performance at the same period last year.

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