Vivo Teases New Super HDR Image Processing Feature

Better photos using smartphone cameras

While we are still waiting for more details about the V9, Vivo introduced a new image processing feature called Super HDR in China yesterday. The AI-aided feature claims to be better than regular HDR by merging more images intelligently to create better photos.

The feature can support up to 14 EV, and it captures up to 12 photos. All those photos are analyzed by AI, and are merged together into one HDR photo. While processing each of those 12 photos, all are analyzed based on scene and lighting conditions to deliver the right exposure.

As to the sample photos Vivo shared in their press release, Super HDR is highly applicable not just to landscape photography, but also to photographing people in tricky lighting situations.

Here are a few sample photos using Vivo’s new image processing tech:


Source: Vivo

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