The Vivo X20 Plus UD Has A Reliable In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Even with scratches

Vivo’s X20 Plus UD is an interesting phone because of its in-display fingerprint scanner that uses part of the display. While we love the innovation, there are still concerns as to how reliable it is with the usual wear and tear. That includes screen scratches ranging from light to deep scratches.

It turns out, the in-display fingerprint scanner STILL works even with several scratches on the display. This has been confirmed by Youtuber JerryRigEverything, who did his usual torture test on the X20 Plus UD. Among the things he noted is that the X20 Plus UD has a decent level of anti-scratch protection that matches those found on mainstream brands like LG and Samsung.

The same applies when he scratched up the portion of the display where the fingerprint scanner is found. In spite of the scratches, the fingerprint scanner still worked like a charm. However, the screen and the fingerprint scanner dies off when the display gets cracked.

Nonetheless, JerryRigEverything considers the X20 Plus UD as being able to pass his durability test. Check out the video below:

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