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Want Fiber? Keep Bothering PLDT Until You Get It


Because it’s all worth it in the end

As I write this, I’m currently downloading a new game I bought off of Steam a few minutes ago (which will finish its download after 30 minutes, it’s a 12GB game), streaming music in Spotify while my brother plays an online game in the other room. It’s hard to imagine that just two months ago, I could only do one of those things, and most of the time the experience was hardly ideal – at least without upsetting the balance of the internet in my house. I’m proud to say that I’m enjoying PLDT’s Fibr connection and quite literally have better internet now than some of my friends in the US. And considering where I live, it’s almost a miracle since many people in my personal circle are yearning for a Fiber connection who are closer to the metropolis than I am.

Third world tech writer, first world internet
Third world tech writer, first world internet

That’s actually the reason why I’m writing this article. Since PLDT announced their updated Fibr plans November last year, many of my friends have been chomping at the bit to have super-fast internet installed in their homes but have been thwarted, quite cruelly, by the announcement that the service isn’t available yet in their area. It’s expected, almost – Fiber isn’t as common a technology as DSL (which can run from regular phone lines) and needs specialized lines and equipment, stuff that requires time to install. But I was buoyed by some reports of far-flung areas like Laguna, Fairview and other places getting Fibr, so I checked, almost religiously since it was first announced if Fibr was already being offered in our area through PLDT’s website.

I bought the game, but never used the CD. Downloaded everything off of the net.
I bought the game, but never used the CD. Downloaded everything off of the net.

Obviously, until very recently the site said that it was not available in my area, which isn’t surprising. I live out in San Mateo, Rizal, which is pretty far by Manila standards though I’m not in the middle of nowhere (I’m a spitting distance away from SM San Mateo, for Pete’s sake). But around four months ago my hopes were lifted when a PLDT Caravan went by and told me in person that there was already Fibr in our area. I was elated – finally, I could get the speed I wanted but my hopes were dashed when I called PLDT’s Call Center, which informed me that that person was mistaken, that there was no Fibr in my area yet. Bummer.

Two weeks later, I do my customary check in PLDT’s site and lo and behold, it comes back positive. I arrange a trip to the closest PLDT service center where I sign up for the Power Plus Plan 3500. Everything goes well (or so I thought), and I settle down and wait until they get around to installing my new, blazing fast internet.

Around a week goes by and my regular DSL line starts acting up. I called up PLDT’s customer support line to get it fixed, and thought to check up on my Fibr installation while I have them on the phone. Unfortunately, there’s a big problem – according to their records there’s no Fibr connection where I live at, and more importantly, no service requests have been received by their back office for my address. Apparently I’ve been waiting for nothing the past week.

I've completely downloaded all of my Steam games. Steam Sale, I'm ready for you (but my wallet isn't).
I’ve completely downloaded all of my Steam games. Steam Sale, I’m ready for you (but my wallet isn’t).

Annoyed at having my time wasted and my hopes dashed once again, I consulted a family friend who also works as a PLDT subcontractor that handles installs in my area. Incredorously he says that there’s been Fibr provisioning for my area for around six months already and many of my neighbors were already enjoying brutally fast download speeds almost after the new plans were announced. Even worse, a quick look at my papers indicated to him that our application was incomplete, and was lacking a provisional phone number, account number and a whole host of other things that was needed for the request to go through.

Obviously I made a beeline back to the PLDT office where I applied for the Fibr connection, making sure that they do it right this time around. To their credit they were very apologetic about the whole affair, and after everything was straightened out, took around 3 days to install my brand spanking new Fibr connection.

So the moral of the story is this: PLDT has a few holes in their database about the status of Fibr readiness in many areas. It pays you to take a visit to the nearest PLDT office and ask them if your area already has a Fibr capabilities. Because honestly, life is so much better with 50Mbps speeds up and down, since you can really enjoy digital services like Steam, Netflix, iFlix, YouTube – you name it. While it does involve a lot of hassle and leg work to get it when it’s finally in your home or office you’ll wonder how you managed to live without it.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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      1. If anything, having someone familiar with the business can help you find out what went wrong. Kumbaga give you some direction as your family friend eventually did.

        Still, good to know things worked out despite the unnecessary hassle/s.

  1. A few weeks ago I called PLDT and inquired about the availability of Fibr in our area (Caloocan, Along EDSA).
    They said that our area is not yet supported or “Fibr Ready”. I’m currently waiting for my 8mbps DSL upgrade (which I believe is still slow as hell) lol, the Lite Fibr 1899 and the 8mbps Dsl is currently priced the same.

  2. This true a friend of mine bugged and told pldt lineman that a fibr was available near his area so they arranged to make a connection go to his house which was not on the fibr area activated list of pldt.

  3. Hi where exactly on san mate do you live? Ako kasi malapit ako sa paraiso, sa may graceland subdivision to be exact. Gusto ko sana magpakabit e

  4. We’ve had the PLDT Fibr now for 3 weeks here in Cainta. We got the plan P1899, for 50Mbps and was able to avail the promo of 100Mbps for the first 6 months. All I can say, PLDT is finally doing it right!

        1. Sabi sa website pldthome.com/fibr
          ang lite plan 1899 eh 80gb/mo volume allowance eh
          So marc, may data cap nga yan?

          1. @JK (commenting here since there’s no reply option this far into the thread)
            Fargloom meant to correct sir John as amo was addressing Marc who was, indeed, using the plan capped at 80gb.
            Read thoroughly before commenting

  5. Been going thru hellish experience as well. Mid of Feb they put a booth in our bldg soliciting application for Fibr. The guy said they have 100 slots for Fibr application and only 40 was left so I hurriedly applied for the Lite Plan 1899. After 2wks of waiting no PLDT folks showed up to do the installation so I called them up. Lo and behold the agent told me I already have Fibr installed 2days after I applied. Told them how can it be when nobody from PLDT visited me for the installation cause I know Fibr uses a different kind of hardware (modem, cables etc). Until now after almost 2months im still explaining to them my case and all they say is they will have it checked but they insist im already Fibr-connected.

  6. Had a similar experience when I applied for Fibr Plan 5800 since I was sick of Philippine Garbage DSL speeds (My Cousins living in the US had a consistent speed of 30MBPS for the same price as our 3MBPS). Back in April, the speed I applied for was only for 20Mbps. Throughout 2015 I received 2 free speed upgrades to 50MBPS then to 100MBPS permanently. Nearly one year later, I can proudly say that I’ve only had ONE down time(which was fixed within the day) and customer support is fast and reliable (yes I said that about a PLDT service). Now I can experience my Z5 Premium’s screen at its best. And its damn beautiful. More Power to Fibr!

    1. Wala pa ata, because yung lugar namin along-EDSA malapit sa Jolibee, Commercial space din sabi wala daw.

      1. Doesn’t also hurt to just simply go outside and inspect the utility poles for the fiber drop point (PLDT calls them Network Access Point) the usually white/offwhite rectangular or helmet-looking boxes attached to the poles. It has text on it such as MRNLP00x NP00x. If you find one at a pole near your location, near like 4-5 poles away then you may apply and include the NAP details and sketch for easier verification

          1. Parang may nakita akong ganyan sa may Zapote-Las Pinas… nakalagay sa side walk… naputol ata yung cable (or ninakaw yung cable)

  7. If I have my existing DSL line, with Telephone, how can I retain my old number? pwede ba un? does our Tel. No. change upon upgrading?

  8. how accurate is the test?
    PLDT always tells us to use PLDT Makati Server and my brother is using Fibr plan 1899, speedtest says 45Mbps
    while download speed max is around 2MBps

    meanwhile i tried checking as well at speedof.me it told me its 16Mbps speed, which is more accurate since actual download speed you should divide the provided speed by 8

    16Mpbs / 8 = 2MBps download speed.

    So my question, did you achieve 12MBps download speed?

    hope to hear from you Sir John

  9. Currently have DSL 1299 plan (2mbps/unli bandwidth) and I was bombarded by PLDT Sales of getting a free upgrade to 6mbps/50gb per month bandwidth for the same plan. I was thinking, 50gb will be over with one download of a game on steam so it’s not worth it. After their 10th or so call, I ranted on how persistent they were trying to make me change my internet (which have intermittent or no connection once or twice a month) and that comparing their “plans” over the global speed/pricing. I then asked if fibr was available in my area (Taytay, Rizal) and he said no. I then asked, “Why does my modem indicate that I can have 20mbps?” http://i.imgur.com/sHoJCdB.png

    He was shocked and couldn’t tell me a logical excuse. I dared him that if I had that speed, I might consider upgrading however with the current pricing, no wonder Philippines is a 3rd world country. After that, I never gotten a call from PLDT since Feb 2016.

  10. Sir san kayo banda sa san mateo rizal? Para pag tumawag ako sa pldt meron akong reference kase hirap pag walang maayos na internet. mag uumpisa na ako sa online study ko at the same time mag work din online. Gitnang Bayan area here. Thanks in advance.

  11. What bothers me is that we are less than 1km away PLDT business office in grace park caloocan yet they don;t have info on the Fibr deployment here in monumento area. FOr the record, this is the picture of monumento area. The center is the PLDT grace park caloocan.

    Everything in this circle has no Fibr coverage. PLDT discriminates people living in the area.


    1. monumento area din ako.. isang kanto lang area ko sa PLDT business center, wala ngang fibr… although nag tanong ako sa lineman, may plans na daw lagyan, pero super talga… naunahan na sila ng Converge, hehe.. may converge na sa Grace Park, 3500 = 100mbps… eto na lang try ko, naiinip na ako.. super olats ng DSL

  12. Have had the Fibre cable installed in our street past 2 months but no chance of connection the local office do not know so cannot order ,even though I can read the PLDT FIBRE writing on the cable that goes past my bedroom window.???

    1. sir nagkaroon din po ba kayo ng pldt fiber box sa location nyo o talagang di kayo kinabitan same scenario po kasi tayo..thanks

  13. I applied for fibr april 10. They came to our house around 3 days later but said they’ll coz us again in a later time. After 15 days of nothing, we called them. They said there was no order for our place! Like, what?! And to call billing instead. So i called billing and they told me to call 172. Ugh. But at least, finally over there, i was able to do a proper follow up. Still hoping for some progress though. Yeah, maybe I should go pester them more.

    1. You totally should. Remember to try and locate the local office since a majority of the time the information in the call centers are disjointed.

  14. can you help me request for a PLDT fibr or DSL connection to your Subcontractor friend? I’m from San Rafael, Montalban and I’m working as a homebased Online english teacher, but my connection is just Ultera. I applied last April 11 and because there is no response from my application I ask the agent, and she said there is no available slot left in our area. But I need to have a DSL or Fibr connection because it offers unlimited data. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

    1. Punta kayo sa business office sa marcos hway…… Sa mga csr kayo makipagusap at sabihin ninyo yung work nyo… Symphatetic naman sila basta ok ang approach… Tapos pag balik

  15. I’m from Montalban, Rizal. Linco to be exact, near RCBC. We did apply for PLDT Fibr last May 1. The CSR told me that we have to wait for at least 2 weeks to check if Fibr is available in our area. Called them yesterday to follow-up and the CSR told me that it was already approved and to wait the contractor’s call for the installation. Crossing my fingers that no problem will occur.

  16. Inuuna nila maglagay sa mga remote area na wala pang pldt subscribers because they won’t gain any from existing DSL subscribers. In fact, malulugi pa sila dahil magiging mas mura ang babayaran kapag nag switch sa fibr

  17. well were still darn waiting on our area @ Bo. Kapampangan St. Sta. Ana Manila. were near their service center office and we havent got any updates. its been YEARS since they told us to wait for their service and still no upgrade.

  18. Our PLDT Fiber connection was just installed 3 days ago and yeah life is so much better! ??? We waited for almost 1 yr and finally after all the frustrations. We live in San Mateo Rizal just accross SM San Mateo.

    Tip: just keep on calling PLDT hotline guys.

  19. gudam sir/maam how can i follow up may line to pldt? ive applied online they called me already for the intallation then i expected with in a week, but,i received SMS telling they asked for the apology for not yet installing may line..said they will contacted me if my line is ready to install…i called up 171 but still no rspond..tnx

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