Want Solar Power? Here’s How To Get It Under 11K

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Think of it as a solar energy starter pack

CD-R King sells a multitude of products, but one product that many of you might have been curious about is their solar panels. The company has been selling all sorts of solar panels, batteries, and controllers for a while now, and while going green is a lofty goal, many people don’t know how to go about it.

We don’t know anything about it either, so we asked CD-R King to send us the basic stuff you need to set up your own solar panels at home. Surprisingly, their solar energy starter pack (or so we call it) doesn’t cost an arm or a leg – it actually comes out at less than 10K. You’ll need a solar panel, a battery, and an inverter to convert all of that collected power into AC. This setup is the most basic you can put in your house, and probably has enough power for a single appliance (or two). If you want to expand this setup, you’ll obviously need more solar panels and batteries to accommodate the stored power, plus a solar charger controller to keep things nice and efficient.

If you’re a little bit antsy about the warranty on the solar panels, CD-R King tells us that they offer a warranty of six years for the panels bought from them, so you can install them in your house without worrying if they’ll last or not.

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  1. Masyadong mura, too good to be true. Ang full off-grid installation para sa isang maliit na bahay ay nasa 80-100k.

    1. Tang ina kayo ang mga bobo. Di ba obvious ang sarcasm sa inyo? Mag iodized salt kayo para di kayo masyadong literal umintindi mga ulol.

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