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Watch: Qualcomm’s Newest “Unsung Hero” Commercial

“Despite his size, this little dragon likes to use his power for good. He’s the kind of dragon you’re going to want on you 24/7. He’s the dragon you want in your phone.”

SoC manufacturing titan Qualcomm uploaded a new ad on their YouTube channel last weekend and it features a small “snapdragon” mascot.

Sure, the commercial has that cheesy and dorky vibe to it, but the video has gotten more buzz and traction than the company’s more formal ads. As of this posting, the “Little Dragon” ad has already gotten 750K views over the course of only three days. The other recent videos in their channel barely hit the 30K mark each.

Think we’re seeing a renewed marketing effort from Qualcomm to promote their mobile processors? The company isn’t known to have a huge marketing budget when it comes to the mobile space, so maybe they’ve finally changed their tune?

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  1. zer0cool16 is correct. Snapdragon is a flower. Qualcomm used a mythical animal rather than the real, living flower. Flower power pala ang snapdragon. hehehe

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