We Wish We Had It: Upcoming Bluboo C100 Has 64-bit Processor, LTE, Android 5.1 for Under 5K

Bluboo C100

Bang for the buck, taken to the extreme

While there’s a lot of choices in terms of smartphones in the PH, there’s still ton of smartphones that’s being sold in outside the PH that make us drool, especially in the bang-for-the-buck segment. One such phone is the upcoming Bluboo C100. The phone made by China-based Bluboo (of course) promises to give users a 64-bit processor, LTE and Android 5.1 Lollipop for under $100, along with a 5-inch HD display.

There’s not much else to say about the new phone as it hasn’t been officially released as of yet and much like most phones that will be under this entry, the C100 won’t see the light of day in the PH. Nevertheless phones like these are always fun to talk about. Maybe a local brand can bring an equivalent? One can dream.


John Nieves

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