When It Rains, It Pours: Samsung’s Note 7 Replacements Afflicted with Overheating and Battery Life Woes?

Samsung’s stormy affair with its fallen Galaxy Note 7 shows no sign of letting up. Now, South Korean customers are reporting overheating and battery life issues with their replacement Note 7 units. The Wall Street Journal covered the occurrence in a report last weekend.

According to the Korean tech titan, the new Note 7 woes are “completely unrelated to the batteries” and that they are “isolated cases” related to mass production. The company also assured its customers that they will be conducting an investigation on the matter as soon as possible.

It’s currently unclear how many Galaxy Note 7 replacements are affected by these new problems, or if consumers in other countries have also been experiencing the same issues as well.

The Verge reported earlier that only 60% of the Galaxy Note 7 phones in the US and Korea have been replaced.

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Source: GSMArena

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