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Why are People Excited Over Nokia’s X Line of Low-End Smartphones?


The answer may surprise you

Many people have said that Nokia is well past its prime. Indeed, the past few years have not been kind to the once mobile leader, which in a few months will see the completion of the merger of its mobile division to Microsoft. But even though the manufacturer has lost most of its former glory, people still are secretly rooting for them because at the end of the day, Nokia makes great phones.

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It comes as no surprise then, that people are excited over Nokia’s new X line of smartphones. The Nokia X line (which includes the X, X+ and the XL) use the Android OS with a slight twist: Nokia’s stripped everything Google-related from their phones, replacing Google services with either Nokia or Microsoft analogues.

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Even though this goes against what most people want in an Android device, many are still optimistic about the Nokia X line. It’s difficult to understand at firs: the Nokia X line doesn’t really deliver anything new when it comes to hardware or services. They’re pretty weak smartphones for their projected price points, and there’s certainly better phones on paper compared to them.


But no one, bar Apple, can make smartphones like Nokia can. And that’s probably the reason why people are drawn to the company’s X line of phones, because even though these smartphones are destined for the lower-end of the market, they still look pretty bad-ass. No one can make a unibody smartphone like the Finnish company can. There’s just something different about owning a Nokia smartphone compared to all the others, a certain kind of magic that only the company can deliver.

And let’s face it – while Nokia has certainly seen better days, no one can deny that the company still has a large fan base, from previous to current owners. People who have seen firsthand just how tough a Nokia built phone is, and that tends to make a lasting impression. This commitment to quality hasn’t gone away with their shift to smartphones from making feature phones. Making long lasting, solidly built devices is in the company’s DNA, no matter what that device is.

It’s understandable then why people professed optimism over the X line, especially when it was revealed that you could sideload other non-Nokia approved apps into them, as well as restore Google’s services into it. Judging from videos posted by Nokia, it also looks like the X line of devices will have easy to use apps and services, which closely resembles Windows Phone 8. That’s not a coincidence, obviously – Nokia has said that the X line is a gateway device of sorts into the more expensive Lumia line. The plan is to “connect the next billion” (Nokia’s fancy marketing speak for people who don’t use smartphones yet) using the X line, with the hope of getting them hooked on Nokia’s UI and Microsoft’s services.

Will the X line turn the brand’s fate around? Doubtful. But we’re excited to see what will happen.


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. I read an exact post..well, the reason y people turned to android is because of the apps and the things u can do with it, what will u do if u have a phone that cant have the apps it was built for..??kinda stupid..build quality..??the wave phone lines from samsung were metal and has a great build..i dont know with you guys but, anything microsoft or nokia is proprietary..might as well buy a 2nd hand iphone that you can jailbreak..that will be a smarter choice..

    1. Sir @eliboitoi, ang Android parang Linux lang na may iba ibang distibution. Nokia created an (for a lack of a better term) OS that is based off of Android. The binaries maybe Android but they customized it “with the hope of getting them hooked on Nokia’s UI and Microsoft’s services” as the article said.

      Kanya kanyang marketing tactic lang yan. Nokia hopes to win back their old customers by adapting to new technology albiet medyo proprietary nga just like you said.

      A jail-broken, second hand iPhone…a smarter choice? Maybe for you. Considering you can even spell why and you correctly.

  2. Come on..Generic China phones run circles around this thing, yep, and they are cheaper.
    The point of it being an Android-incarnate is close to being useless..

    These stingy features are not what people are expecting. I myself would looooove to buy a Nokia with a fully capable Android functionality, not this this.

  3. I saw a post here that you can hack the nokia x to get google play apps..but you wont get any updates from google..kitkat version is just around the corner..and what version of android did they use?will it be compatible with the apps that you download if u ever hack google play..?might as well get a local brand, that has better specs..when has nokia been affordable..?even before..they milked the market with low specs over priced phones, go to a nokia stall and check the price..i guess its still the same now..they are banking on super high resolution cameras for their phones, but do you really use that every day..?they up the mega pixels, but that just makes the file bigger..i cannot say that their design is “bad ass” as you say..the one x from htc and the one series has been dubbed one of the sexiest designs..that i agree with..nokia..?they just made it colorful and the author called it bad ass already..that is sooo funny..well, its upon your taste..but will you spend money for a half-baked android phone?or just get an actual android phone..?its your money, you’re probably going to post it in the 2nd hand phone site in a month or two and lose 30-40% of your hard earned cash..

  4. The reason why people are excited with these low-end android phones is because it shows what’s possible for the future. It’s a start. If the Nokia X line succeeds, then there’s a big possibility that Nokia may make more powerful Android phones in the future.

    1. Not a chance dude. The X-line already a BAD start, No Playstore access means all future Nokia phones will probably stay like this.
      Microsoft bought Nokia for a reason, you know damn well that they will never delve into a high end+Full Android.

      The want profit off their own Apps store

  5. At kapag nagloko naman at nasira ang phone mo eh I’m sure isa ka sa mga unang mag-post, tweet, what have you how crappy your local phone is.

    1. lakas nmn ng tama neto, It’s not about the specs ya know that? don’t u need a durable device with a famous brand on it? baragan cellphone nalang !!??!
      pag maraming bumili nyan gagawa ng mas maganda ang nokia, wag kau iiyak sa specs ng entry smartphones lol

      1. Wala kse “brand loyalty” ang mga Pinoy ngayon. Basta makabili lang ng smartphone eh ok na. Kapag masira naman eh iiyak-iyak. Kung makapag-reklamo naman sa internet, wagas.

  6. One of reasons i’m seeing why a lot of people are looking forward to see the X in action is that it provides a new look and feel in using android. It’s technically a sub-specie of Android with a hint of Windows 8. Purist may not agree with me but it’s a out of the box innovation I haven’t seen in Android in years. Though I’m seeing Windows may use this to help transition Android users to the Windows 8 interface may happen. For it’s price I’m willing to give it a shot.

  7. A phone for the senior citizens who doesn’t need all the fancy stuff of the full Android OS, but wants to try using a smartphone that would be user friendly to them.

  8. It’s funny how people bash branded products and favor local phones saying that a China phone will run circles over this phone. Well, they might, but Nokia will definitely laugh at how those phones break down fast and owners then bash at their cheap phone’s cheap quality. You cant possibly expect Nokia to have same specs as local brands at that price point. Nokia is Nokia. You want cheap with specs? Go local. If you want specs and quality, you pay the price.

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