Why the iPhone 4S 64GB Smart Deal for Php10,900 is Awesome

iPhone 4S deal from Smart
iPhone 4S deal from Smart

3 Reasons why you should seriously consider it

Smart is having a massive one-day sale tomorrow for handsets for people who will avail of the Smart Freedom Plan. One of the smartphones up for grabs is the iPhone 4S (64GB) and it will be sold for a ridiculously low price of Php10,900. This phone, while already 2 years old, is still lightyears ahead of a lot of other devices in this price range. Other than the technology in it, here are three solid reasons why you should consider this deal if you’re in the market for a new smartphone.

iPhone 4S will get updated to iOS 7

iOS 7 confirmed for the iPhone 4S
iOS 7 confirmed for the iPhone 4S

Early this morning Apple took the wraps off the new operating system for iPhone called iOS7. This new release has a lot of new features but more importantly it sports a brand new spanking design which is ultimately cleaner, more modern, and all-around nicer.

To know more about iOS7, watch this video:

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G value especially if you get the phone for just Php10,900. 😛

Smart Freedom Plan gives you complete control

Easy to apply for and control
Easy to apply for and control

We’ve gotten a lot of questions on Twitter and our Facebook Page about the “Smart Freedom Plan”. To put it simply it’s a postpaid plan with NO SET MONTHLY FEES. You just pay for what you consume. It’s also very easy to apply. Just have one valid ID, pay 250, and you’re good. The best thing about this is that you can use the Smart Flexibundles which we’ve featured extensively already.

For example…

Flexibundles gives you awesome value for money

Let’s say you want to keep spending to just Php600 per month. What can we get with that using the Smart Freedom Plan and Flexibundles? How about 4,000 text to all networks, 500 minutes of calls to PLDT/Smart/Sun/TNT, and 300MB of Data? Yep that’s actually possible. Just get ALL Text 200 and Tri Net Combo 400.

This is a fantastic offer from Smart. If you guys are in the market for an upgrade or you just want another smartphone, this is something to seriously consider. Remember, this offer is only valid TOMORROW at Smart stores. For more information about this promo, please check out this post.

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