Whydah Gally Dead Parrots Don’t Talk Headphone

If Pirates used headphones this would be it, lol.

Headphones Made for Pirates? Lol

Whydah Gally is an audio gear company from Sweden formed by music fans in 2011. Unlike other headphones in the market, these guys went all out with their pirate theme to the point that they actually banner the Pirate Bay logo in their products. Our blogger friend from Headfonics, Marcus, showed us their Dead Parrots Don’t Talk Headphone earlier tonight and we just had to feature it here on Unbox. If the iPod and headphones were available during the time of Jack Sparrow, he’d definitely be using this one!


  • Frequency response:10Hz~22KHZ
  • Driver Unit: 50mm
  • Impedance:46±15%
  • Sound pressure level:96dB ± 3dB
  • Maximum input power:3000mW


  • Two pair of cables, 1x 1.2m iPhone cable with mic and answer button.
  • 1x 1.0m expandable cable.
  • 3.5mm to 6.3mm Gold Plated stereo plug (suitable for majority of mobile phones, mp3 and computers).

Everything about it screams Pirate

Everything from the packaging, product design, and even sound quality is modern-day pirate. The headphone comes in a big brown wood box which resembles some sort of old chest. It has The Pirate Bay logo emblazoned at the center of the top lid. To open you need to flip the old school latch mechanism.

What’s inside? Gold. Whut?

Yes, they actually put fake gold colins in together with the cans, lol.

“Gold” coins, pouch, and the cans
Wooohoooo. Lol

The headphone itself is all about bling as well. The body is primarily made of plastic that’s colored… you guessed it! Gold! The headband is some sort of black faux leather.

Gold and black. Perfect for Pirates. Arrrrr!

How’s the sound?

Marcus will be posting a review of the cans soon. We’ll link to it once it’s up. According to him though it’s mainly for bass heads since the mids are a bit recessed. Hip hop Pirate. Rock on!

Pricing and Availability

You can order one directly from the website of Whydah Gally for 170 Euros. If you want this particular model you can send Marcus a message over at the Headfonics Facebook Page and you can probably get it at a sweet price.

Photos via Headfonics Facebook Page with permission of the Photographer

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