Widget City Details Their Galaxy Note 7 Recall Plan

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Bought a Galaxy Note 7 from local seller Widget City and don’t know how to proceed? We have good news for you – the folks behind the shop has detailed how exactly you can go about replacing the Note 7 you bought from them, in line with Samsung’s worldwide recall.

According to their advisory, they are asking for people who bought the phone from them to contact them as soon as possible. From there, they can replace or upgrade the phone to something else. If you do agree to have the phone replaced, they’ll ship the device back to the manufacturer for evaluation and checkup. The bad news is that the units are expected to return starting October 21 to the 31st.

You can read the original text of the advisory below:


Samsung has officially announced a worldwide recall on the Galaxy Note 7 release after various reports of battery exploding issue while on power charging.

To all our valued customers,

Widget City is deeply concerned with our client’s safety and well-being. We are closely coordinating with our Samsung manufacturer for specific guidance on the detailed action process.

For the meantime, we are currently reaching out to our clients and ask a pull-out on all Galaxy Note 7 devices that they have purchased from us. If our clients agreed, they can choose whether to have a replacement of their unit or have it exchanged or upgraded. Mean while their Galaxy Note 7 will be shipped back to the manufacturer for evaluation and check-up. Units will be expected to return at October 21-31, 2016.

Don’t worry we will keep you guys posted and surely will get in touch with you as soon as we can. Rest assured that we will make this convenient for you as possible. We are extending our deepest concern to everyone who purchase from us, hope you will coordinate with us in fixing this issue.

A gentle reminder for all, Widget City encourage everyone to use the original battery of Galaxy note 7 that is included in the package.


Widget City Team

Terms & Condition:
Should the condition fall on water damage, Broken display or any signs of abuse of use, we may offer alternative to resolve the issue.

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  1. QUOTE:”A gentle reminder for all, Widget City encourage everyone to use the original battery of Galaxy note 7 that is included in the package.”

    A gentle reminder to Widget City: Please take note that the exploding battery that led to the worldwide recall is the original battery that was included in the Galaxy Note 7 and is the one included in the package, which in case you haven’t notice is not user replaceable. So encouraging your buyers to use their (not replaced) Note 7 will put them at risk….

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