Widget City to Donate Cash to Red Cross for Nokia Lumia 920 and 620 Purchases

Nokia Lumia 920 in Red
Nokia Lumia 920 in Red

Our good friends from Widget City just announced that they partnered with Red Cross to help with the relief operations for victims of Yolanda. If you buy either the Nokia Lumia 920 or Lumia 620 from Widget City, they will donate a certain amount to the Red Cross. Here are the prices and the corresponding donations:

Nokia Lumia 920: Php11,990 (Php500 Donation)
Nokia Lumia 920 in RED: Php12,990 (Php800 Donation)
Nokia Lumia 620: Php7,990 (Php500 Donation)
Nokia Lumia 620 in RED: Php8,990 (Php800 Donation)

All units come with 1 Year Nokia Official Warranty.

widget city

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If ever you’re in the market for a Nokia Lumia 620 or Lumia 920, now would be the best time to buy.

Kudos to Martin and the rest of the gang at Widget City for this initiative!

Carlo Ople

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  1. Nice initiative..pero wow ah..kasama marketing dapat..???diba pede kahit anong product,part of the proceeds pede i donate..?e pano kung di namin feel bumili ng lumia..?tulong na lang pag may time, pede naman isantabi marketing ng slow moving products appreciate yung effort, pero wag naman obvious yung push sa specific brand or items lang..

    1. how about just shutting up? or thank these guys doing *something* to help out?
      enough of your whining! if you don’t have anything good to say just shut up. the world (especially the philippines) needs less people like you.

  2. Saka y wud i buy a brand na ala naman nai tulong..?samsung gave 1 million usd sa heard or seen them do that..research nga sa net, i can be wrong..if i am, sori naman..not a hater..not a fanboy..maybe thankful lang sa ginawa ni samsung..napaka tahimik kasi na brand, but has a big heart..other brands..uhhhmm..all talk,all heart..booyaaahh..!


    In response to the relief efforts in the Philippines, Nokia has made donations in excess of €250,000:

    to the local Red Cross and Red Crescent organization in support of immediate relief and rescue operations on the ground, providing people with clean water, food, shelter and warmth, and protecting lives that are still at risk.
    to Oxfam for reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts: helping people whose livelihoods are destroyed or in peril, striving to get children back to school as soon as possible so as to normalize daily life, and rebuilding housing and infrastructure.

    We have also donated more than 1,000 Nokia mobile phones to support local communication and recovery efforts. Some of these mobile devices will be used at a makeshift radio station in Tacloban to assist in connecting people with their loved ones and to facilitate various rescue/relief operation teams.

    Employees in Finland and other sites around the world have also taken action. In Finland, our Nokia Helping Hands program is helping to raise funds through the Finnish Red Cross.

    Relief organizations around the world are responding to the situation in the Philippines. Conversations readers who want to donate can make a contribution via various relief efforts, including the Red Cross.

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