Will The JiaYu S4 Be Cherry Mobile’s First Helio-powered Phone?

Jiayu S4

We sure hope so

We’ve been bugging Cherry Mobile about a Helio-powered smartphone since the new processor family was announced earlier last year. Obviously the Pinoy company has not released such a smartphone up till now, but that may change soon if the leaks from the mainland are to be believed.

See, JiaYu is rumored to release their S4 smartphone that uses MediaTek’s Helio X20 by mid-April. While not a lot of rumors about the specs are known, Cherry Mobile fans should sit up and take notice there’s a big chance that the JiaYu S4 may show up here in the PH if the rumors are true.

That’s because Cherry Mobile has a controlling stake in JiaYu, which produces the company’s fast selling Flare X smartphones¬†We reported this back in January, and since the local brand has a big stake in JiaYu, it only makes sense that any smartphone that the company launches will more than likely show up here.


John Nieves

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  1. Yet another #StuckOS phone. Almost ALL Mediatek phones are (the only true exceptions are the Android One ones.) Shame, this woulda been a good backup phone.

    1. i wouldnt mind. lahat naman ng bang-for-the-buck phones ngayon eh naka lollipop pa,even the international ones.(meizu m2 note,lenovo a7000+, alcatel flash plus/flash 2)
      and by the time they even get around to OTA’ing marshmallow im sure nakapagpalit ka na ng phone.

  2. We are waiting for that GM something Android One beast to be released here in PH.
    I will buy from cherry if its a big (5.5″-6″) Android One phone.

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