Wrist Free: Best Mouse Pad and Wrist Rest Ever!

Wrist Free with a Razer Starcraft II Gaming Mouse

Wrist Free: Best Mouse Pad/Wrist Rest Combo Ever

Wrist Free is arguably the most functional and useful mousepad/wrist rest that you’ll find in the market. In fact I’d go as far as highly recommending it to people who stay in front of the computer for extended periods of time. Wrist Free makes the use of the mouse much more comfortable which kinda makes you more productive and reduces the chances of you getting carpal tunnel.

Wrist Free is composed of two parts. The first is the mouse pad which provides great traction. The second is a mobile wrist rest that has memory foam and small wheels under it. This lets your entire hand move effortlessly with the mouse. The concept is very simple but man does it make an impact on how you use the computer.

Wrist rest’s cushion has memory foam. It adjusts to the weight and shape of your wrist.
It has wheels. OMG. Lol.

I’ve been using this for a couple of days now and I’m genuinely very happy with it. I’d actually say that everyone should get one but unfortunately the company who sent this over to me for review didn’t tell me the price, lol. Without the SRP we can’t give it a 100% reco.

Anyway, if you’re interested in getting one just call GLOTOP Corp. at (02) 550-1377? or 0917-3585593. You can also inquire via their website. I’ll try to get the price asap though so I can post it here. Hopefully it’s not too expensive.

Match made in heaven!

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