Xiaomi Pushes Wireless Charging Tech to 80W

Faster than most mainstream wired charging solutions!

As brands have been pushing wired charging beyond 100wRealme with its 125w solution and vivo with its 120w charging tech—Xiaomi is exploring the possibility of maximizing wireless charging speeds. Currently, OPPO’s 40w AirVOOC is the fastest wireless charging solution to date, with a more powerful 65w AirVOOC solution in the works, and Xiaomi wants to outdo OPPO’s innovation with its 80w wireless charging tech.

The said tech, which was demoed using a customized Mi 10 Pro, can top up a 4000mAh battery wirelessly in 19 minutes—which is faster than current 65w wired charging solutions in the market.

While Xiaomi did not reveal the tech behind it as of this writing, it is very possible that they had to incorporate complex cooling solutions to the wireless charging pad (which is the case with OPPO’s AirVOOC charging pad) in order to sustain fast charging speeds while avoiding both the pad and the phone to heat up too much.

We do not know when will 80w wireless charging will go mainstream, but given Digital Chat Station’s prediction that 100w wireless charging will be introduced by brands in 2021, Xiaomi’s 80w wireless charging tech might come sooner or later.

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