Xiaomi Coming Up With 32GB Variant of Mi 4i?


Just in time for their anniversary in India

India is one of Xiaomi’s biggest markets, even though the company has barely been there for a year. To commemorate their 1st year anniversary in the country, the Chinese company is teasing a product launch tomorrow, July 22. The teaser, posted on Mi India’s Twitter account, reads “move 4 to double”, which may mean that a 32GB variant of the Mi 4i is on the way.

It’s not surprising that the company would make a variant of the global flagship with bigger storage, as the 16GB on board the Mi 4i is simply not enough for people who use their phones as full-fledged multimedia devices. Hugo Barra also went on record to say that the release of the 16GB version of the Mi 4i was a calculated move, and that Xiaomi was launching higher capacity variants of the Mi 4i in India after the initial launch of the 16GB version.

Xiaomi launched the 16GB variant of the Mi 4i here in the Philippine yesterday.

John Nieves

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  1. They should and they need to, if they want to save their @sses…..32GB na dapat ang base minimum ngayon sa mga non expandable

    1. tama. i really like this phone but the lack of expandable storage was what prevented me from going for it. same goes for meizu m1/m2 note. papatulan ko na sana ang redmi 2 dahil expandable daw, yun pala hindi pwede apps transfer to sd. abang-abang pa ng konti.

      1. same here bro…muntik na rin ako bumili ng redmi 2 kaso nga d pwede ma transfer ang app sa sd, pero mukhang papatusin ko na tong 32GB version ng Mi4i pag na release yan dito heheh!!

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