Xiaomi’s Developing Their Own Foldable Clamshell

It’ll work much like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip

As much as other people rag on it, we love Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip though the Korean chaebol’s first consumer-friendly foldable isn’t exactly what you’d call practical thanks to its price. Well, you might be able to buy a lower-cost alternative to it soon – according to a report Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi is looking to make their own version of this particular foldable.

The idea is still the same – a phone that uses a flexible OLED panel to allow it to close like traditional clamshell phones of old. According to ZDNet Korea, Xiaomi will be sourcing the said flexible panels from Samsung’s display subsidiary, Samsung Display, as well as from LG Display, who supplied the foldable panels for Huawei’s Mate X series.

Xiaomi will allegedly start production of their own clamshell foldable in the second half of 2020, though it’s not clear what possible specs and hardware the phone will bring to the table as of now. There’s also a chance that the foldable may not arrive this year because of low demand thanks to COVID-19, but cheaper alternatives to Samsung’s Z Flip is always welcome.


John Nieves

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