Xiaomi First To Announce 30w Wireless Charging Tech

Fast charge without the wires

Xiaomi has officially claimed the title of the first brand to achieve 30W fast wireless charging. The company notified us of this feat in a presser sent earlier today, which will allow them to fill a 4,000mAh battery to 50% capacity in just 25 minutes, and 100 percent capacity in 69 minutes. Nice.

The tech, dubbed Mi Charge Turbo, is destined to arrive in the company’s Mi 9 Pro 5G smartphone. Xiaomi isn’t stopping at 30W either – as they’ve confirmed that they’re also working 40W wireless charging as well. That’s as fast as Huawei’s wired 40W SuperCharge tech that’s currently on the company’s flagship P30 Pro.

Xiaomi will be selling a 30W wireless charging pad for the increased wireless charging capability, along with a slower 20W smart tracking wireless charging pad that aligns its charging coils automagically so you don’t have to find the sweet spot for charging yourself.

If that wasn’t enough, Xiaomi is also announcing their own take on reverse wireless charging which is faster than the solutions currently offered by Huawei and Samsung.

Xiaomi says that Samsung and Huawei deliver reverse wireless charging speeds of 3.5W to 4W, and 2.5W and 3W respectively. Xiaomi’s solution will deliver around 10W.

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