Xiaomi Got It All: 5 Upcoming Xiaomi Products You’d Never Expect

You’d probably need them too

Beyond its value-for-money smartphones, Xiaomi has a vast portfolio of products ranging from items you’d most likely expect (power banks, WiFi routers, fitness trackers) to items you’d never expect from a tech company (bags, sneakers, pens, and even plush toys).

Together with its store expansion nationwide (they are opening a store in Cebu—Mi Philippines’s first one outside of Luzon), Xiaomi is bringing in more of its unusual-yet-useful products to our shores. We got a peek at what’s arriving in the coming months, and here are five unusual items we think you might buy anyway:

Circle Joy Electric Wine Opener

Opening wine bottles can be a chore sometimes since some corks can be hard to remove. Xiaomi’s solution to our cork-removing woes? This electric wine opener that is easy to use, even novice wine connoisseurs can operate it. Using it is pretty straightforward: just remove the cover, insert it to your favorite wine’s bottleneck, and press the button on its body. The electric wine opener gets the job done, letting you enjoy a good glass of wine without worrying about the hassles of opening a bottle.

Cleanfly Portable Vacuum Cleaner

If 1) you are not ready to embrace the smart home like with Xiaomi’s robot vacuum cleaners, or 2) you just need a small vacuum cleaner for your car, Xiaomi’s Cleanfly portable vacuum cleaner can help you address both concerns. Its compact design and 5000Pa sucking power are enough to remove all the dust and dirt inside your car.

Mi Air Pump

Going into the topic of car accessories, the Mi Air Pump is something you’d never expect from Xiaomi. While you can mistake it for a music player, this handy device can provide air to the tires of your car, motorcycle, and bike. Powered by a 2000mAh battery, Xiaomi claims that the Mi Air Pump can fully inflate 5 car tires, 8 bicycle tires, or 7 footballs. Just like those air pumps you see at gasoline stations, the Mi Air Pump comes with an array of sensors to provide the right amount of air pressure.

Mi Wireless Microphone

Pinoys love their karaoke and videoke sessions, and Xiaomi’s Wireless Microphone should be a hit here in the country. This Bluetooth powered device comes with BOTH a microphone and speaker, letting you check if your singing skills are on point. Its design makes it a perfect buddy to bring along with those out of town trips—just make sure to bring the lyrics sheet of the songs to intend to sing.

Mijia Quartz Watch

Xiaomi also has classy-looking watches in its portfolio and the Mijia quartz watch offers a unique twist. While it may look like your typical wristwatch, the Mijia quartz watch also works as a pedometer with its sub-dial. What makes this 3.2mm-thin hybrid watch unique is that it works with both Android and iOS via Bluetooth and can last for up to 6 months with a single CR2430 battery. That’s an impressive number for a smartwatch, and we can’t wait to test it ourselves to see if it lives up to expectations.


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