Xiaomi Mi5 Extreme Comes With Overclocked RAM, CPU And GPU


Xiaomi’s Mi5 isn’t fast enough for you? Well, you’ll soon be able to buy an even faster version of the phone, at least if you’re in China. Chinese retailer GOME is offering what they call the Xiaomi Mi 5 Extreme version that has most of its hardware overclocked from the factory.

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The Snapdragon 820 CPU’s clock has been increased to 2.15GHz from the 1.8GHz on the stock version. The Adreno 530 GPU’s clock has been increased as well, from 510MHz to 624MHz. Finally, RAM has been upped from 1333MHz to 1866MHz.

Obviously all of overclocking has a price, and that’ll be higher battery consumption – there’s a reason why manufacturers like Xiaomi don’t pump up frequencies of the components in their phones since the higher values mean the components will consume a lot more power.

The overclocked model is priced at around 14.1K for the White, Gold and Purple model, while the Black model is priced at 14.5K. You can grab it via GOME’s website here.

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