Xiaomi Outs the Piston 3 Pro In-Ear Headphones


Xiaomi’s on a roll this early November. After announcing the Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset, the Chinese tech manufacturer is unveiling yet another audiophile product, the Piston Pro 3 in-ear headphones.

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The Piston 3 Pro is the successor to the popular non-pro version launched in April last year. Unbox’s Editor-in-Chief Carlo Ople swears by these Piston headphones, and for good reason. Simply put, they’re awesome and very affordable.

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The Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro features a diamond-cut aluminum sound chamber and anodized surface, as well as a graphene diaphragm for more natural-sounding audio quality.

The Piston 3 Pro design is curved at a 45-degree angle to maintain in-ear grip. A mic and control pod provide the usual headphone functions.


Xiaomi says that the headphones will be shipping with four, different-sized silicon ear plugs at the price of $22 (~Php 1.1K) in China starting November 11. No word yet on whether we’ll be seeing these babies outside the country, though.

Source: Android Authority, Xiaomi


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