Xiaomi Overtakes Samsung for Top Smartphone Brand in India

It is Xiaomi’s biggest growth to date

India is a crucial market for smartphone sales. Next to China, it is the second biggest market in the world with over 430 million smartphone users. For 2018 alone, there are a total of 330 million smartphone shipments—28% of it belongs to Xiaomi, which is a big improvement for the Chinese brand.

Comparing to 2017, Xiaomi’s market share made a significant jump, enough to overtake Samsung for the top spot.

Xiaomi’s growth in the Indian market is credited to its online shipments, where it has Flipkart and Amazon as its partners. Beyond online presence, Xiaomi is also expanding its and offline presence in India—a similar strategy it is doing in the Philippines.

Despite going down to number 2, Samsung is not handing the white flag just yet: its new Galaxy M10 and M20 budget phones aim to give Xiaomi a run for its money with competitive specs and aggressive pricing.


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