Xiaomi Partners With IKEA for Smart Home Products

A dream partnership in the making

Xiaomi expands its scope with smart home products with its stategic partnership with IKEA. Announced during Xiaomi’s annual MIDC conference, the partnership will have IKEA’s line of smart lighting products be compatible with Xiaomi’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform starting this December in China.

This means that all IKEA smart lighting products can be controlled with Xiao AI and Mi Home app. Xiaomi’s IoT platform is connected to over 132 million smart devices, along with more than 20 million daily active devices in over 200 countries.

“IKEA and Xiaomi share very similar values and I believe our cooperation will accelerate the development of the smart home industry across the world,” Xiaomi IoT platform department General Manager Fan Dian said.

Aside from IKEA, Xiaomi has partnered with Ji Hotel, CHJ Automotive and interior design company Ikongjian for Xiaomi’s full range of smart IoT devices.

Since the inaugural MIDC conference in 2017,over 1,000 third-party products have successfully been incorporated to the Xiaomi IoT platform.


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  1. That’s what separates Xiaomi from other chinese brands, they dont just sell phones, they sell a whole lot of different products. This is welcome news indeed.

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