Xiaomi Possibly Teases the Mi Note 2

Mi Note

Xiaomi released a possible teaser for the Mi Note 2 via an image found on Weibo and it could be taking a jab at the company’s own Mi5 or,  as one commenter pointed out,  a jab at the Samsung Note 5. The image, seen below, uses a soccer pitch as its background with 2>5 at the top of the image. While it hasn’t been confirmed, multiple sources speculate that this could be indeed be for the Mi Note 2 that may be announced in Berlin during IFA 2016.

Mi NOte 2 Teaser

But what does the 2>5 mean? Could this possibly mean that the Note 2 could surpass the specs of the Mi5 or Samsung’s Note 5? It could very well be with the Mi5 that was just announced in February and released in April, so that could have been more than enough time for the folks over at Xiaomi to plan what goes under the hood of the Mi Note 2 and give it more power than the Xiaomi Mi5. As for its specs, I guess we’ll all have to wait for someone to leak more details on the Chinese micro-blogging site or stay tuned to something more official from Berlin at IFA 2016 this September. We’ll have to see how it stacks up against the Note 5 until then.

Sources: Android Authority, GSMArena

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  1. “incoming” Note 5??? Is this another rush article like the one that mentioned S4 as having a faux leather back when in fact it was the Note 3 and S5 that came with it.

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