Xiaomi Puts Up Website for “Pinecone” In-House Chipset

GSMArena‘s Weibo sources have something very interesting for us today – Xiaomi’s landing page for their long-rumored (and now confirmed?) Pinecone chipset. The Pinecone is supposedly Xiaomi’s in-house developed SoC in collaboration with Leadcore, a Chinese fabless semiconductor company.

Rumor has it that the initial Pinecone release will be coming in two variants. The first model will have an octa-core Cortex-A53 setup, while the second model will sport a more potent octa-core configuration with four A73 cores and four A53. As of this posting, there’s no info yet on what GPU the Pinecone SoCs will be packing for release. No word either on which Xiaomi phones will be using the first batches of Pinecone chips.

Source: GSMArena

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