Xiaomi Should Offer the Redmi 2 FDD-TDD-LTE Variant in the PH

So... did we get the wrong version?
So… did we get the wrong version?

Wrong Variant Offered in the PH?

After consulting with the members of the Xiaomi Mi3 Philippines Facebook Group, we’ve come to two conclusions about the Xiaomi Redmi 2.

First, Smart’s LTE network just operates on LTE Band 1 (2100mhz). This has been proven already with our internal tests and even the tests of other bloggers and Redmi 2 users. To argue otherwise is pointless UNLESS you have a Redmi 2 bought from Xiaomi PH (and not through gray market) and you can get Smart LTE to work on it.

Second, the Redmi 2 has multiple variants available. They actually have one variant that is compatible with both Smart’s and Globe’s LTE network. This is the Redmi 2 FDD-TDD-LTE. This is the variant that can work with the bands that both telcos work on. This unit is currently being sold in China. See below for a photo of the box which was provided to us by Mr. Richmond Tan of the Xiaomi Mi3 PH FB Group. See photo below of the back of the box.

Xiaomi PH Redmi 2

Zoom in on the photo and you’ll see:


B1 and B3 stand for Band 1 and Band 3 respectively.

Users of this particular variant have already reported and confirmed that Smart LTE works on ’em. So yes folks, that solves the Smart LTE mystery with the Redmi 2. The phone doesn’t support the band that Smart’s LTE network operates on but they do have a variant that does. Our suggestion? Start selling the version that does. πŸ˜›

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  1. Ah oh…. that’s really bad for Software Updates, it’s known that SOME variants takes longer to get an update and some do not get at all… πŸ™

  2. Is it also possible that Smart uses the other bands for other areas covered by LTE? I have the Z3 Compact and I managed to get a Smart LTE signal even in Daet, Subic, Bulacan, and Batangas.

  3. I called the service center and there are people who also called that device is not compatible with LTE networks. Could this issue be resolve by a software update from Xiaomi?

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