Xiaomi Sticking to Google Dialer and Messages for its Global Units

More reasons to buy official units over grey market ones

Still thinking of saving money by getting a gray market Xiaomi device—one with a China ROM? Here’s a much better reason to purchase official units with a global ROM: Xiaomi recently announced in its official global forums that it will make use of Google Mobile Services due to privacy laws and restrictions around the globe.

As a result, global Xiaomi units will use Google Dialer and Messages instead of the MIUI version. This change also means that call recording will no longer be available to global units—though Xiaomi may change their mind about that.The change is implemented to Global units starting with the Mi 9T Pro.

“These devices are now making use of GMS or Google Mobile Services, a bunch of applications and APIs aimed at letting your handset ensure a great user experience right out of the box,” Xiaomi said in its announcement.


Xiaomi Dominates in Global Wearable Market

Xiaomi Dominates in Global Wearable Market

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  1. Yeah, better get these from their official stores, the strategy of gray market sellers is to get new units from china even before they are released locally, with china rom, which they said they can bypass (installing google services). My cousin bought a mi pad 4 tablet from one of these gray market sellers, with china rom, and after 6 months, it was already having issues.

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