Xiaomi to Launch a New Flagship Handset This Week?


The Chinese electronics mogul has been unusually cryptic about it.

Late this weekend, Xiaomi posted on its Weibo presence a teaser on an upcoming Android flagship smartphone that’s supposedly launching on Tuesday, July 11. The 13-second promo vid was barebones, without any visuals, and basically ended up asking consumers what they’d want to see from “a perfect smartphone.” The options listed were indicative of a high-spec, premium tier handset in the works, though.

Based on the teaser, Xiaomi’s next flagship offering will be cored with at least a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, though one of the options in the video also included the yet-to-be-unveiled Snapdragon 836, an incremental upgrade to the former. Other key features include DDR4 RAM, UFS memory, a large display panel, and a 4000mAh battery pack. The handset’s camera will be a 22-megapixel module with 4K video support. Other specs include an IR blaster, NFC support and a USB Type-C port.

The teaser concludes with a date – July 11 – most likely the debut date of the new flagship, or maybe the next step in a long, rolling marketing campaign leading to the eventual unveiling of the device.

The rumor mill is currently speculating that this device is the long-expected Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus, the larger sibling to April’s Xiaomi Mi 6. We’ll find out tomorrow.

Source: Android Headlines

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