Xiaomi Will Not Be Attending MWC 2017

Xiaomi seems to be going through some doldrums as of late, with famed VP of Global Hugo Barra leaving the company for other (perhaps greener) pastures, at the sprawling fields of Facebook. Now, according to a company spokesperson, the Chinese electronics giant will be skipping an appearance at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, this late February. Why the no-show? According to the rep, apparently, Xiaomi has nothing new to showcase at the expo.

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While there’s no doubt that Xiaomi is hard at work with their next flagship smartphone line, the Mi 6, it might not be ready for the spotlight, at least for the time being. Given that the dual-snapper Mi 5s Plus is only a few months into circulation, it’s no surprise that Xiaomi plans to extend the flagship’s time in the limelight for a while longer.

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With recent rumors of Samsung hoarding Qualcomm’s next flagship tier SoC, the Snapdragon 835, Xiaomi might also be biding its time and waiting for a more appropriate window to stuff its upcoming Mi 6 flagship with the latest and greatest chipset. At this point, everything is up in the air in speculation and gossip.

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Source: GSMArena

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