Xiaomi Working on a Solar-Powered Smartphone

A better alternative to wireless charging?

With newer flagship phones boasting of faster wired charging speeds (some going as fast as 50w), the tech for fast wired charging is catching up as well. To date, Xiaomi’s Mi 9 and Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G have the fastest wireless charging speeds at 20w.

Wired and wireless charging aside, Xiaomi is exploring the possibility of including solar-powered charging based on a patent spotted by LetsGoDigital.

The said filing includes an all-screen phone with no pop-up module, a typical dual rear camera setup, and a sheet of photovoltaic solar panels. Even with the solar panel, Xiaomi’s theoretical, environment-friendly phone will not be thick based on the images.

As to how the solar panel will be placed, it is possible that Xiaomi might tuck it behind the glass panel, resulting in a translucent-backed phone.


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