Xiaomi’s Making A Second Gen Black Shark Gaming Phone

The first one was wildly successful

While Xiaomi’s Black Shark gaming smartphone was mostly a limited release for the Chinese market¬†(with European markets seeing the phone late last year) it still sold well enough that the Chinese company is looking to make a new version.

And fans don’t have a long time to wait. Xiaomi’s Product Director Wang Teng Tomas has apparently seen the new phone and said on his Weibo account that it’s “too fast”.

If we take a look at the time frame when Xiaomi launched the original Black Shark, then we can expect the next iteration of the gaming phone to land either on March or April.

Rumors point to the next iteration of the Black Shark gaming smartphone as having Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 flagship processor, around 8GB of RAM, Android Pie as well as compatibility with the original peripherals that made the original great.


John Nieves

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